Little Angels College

Little Angels College

Little Angels School / Little Angels College

Category : +2 Colleges of Nepal

Little Angels School 10+2 Science Program is Connected to National Examination Board since 1997 under the umbrella of NEF.

The improved physical infrastructure, cheap cost, highly capable, experienced, dedicated and skilled teaching faculties, strong administrative staff, well-equipped science and computer labs, well-stocked library with a whole lot of novels, reference books and innovative accessibility of online centers are the plus points of Little Angels School.

Among the +2 colleges of Nepal, Little Angels School has adopted continuous evaluation of progress and performance, regular unit tests, regular home-assignments, job functions, and terminal examinations method.

Cambridge AS and A Level courses are offered at Little Angels School. These degrees have an established reputation for being outstanding in education, employment, and lifestyle.

Rigorous and instructional comprehensive program that Is Often upgraded

Practical coursework examinations are given a higher emphasis at Little Angels School.


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